Our Management

The College Managing Committee comprises of highly educated and experienced members from the various spheres of society. The Committee has thrown open the doors of all the institutions under its control to everyone without any considerations of caste and creed.

It ensures the finest education for students in the D.A.V. Institutions at all levels by appointing members of teaching faculty on purely merit basis. This is why these institutions command so much respect in society and there is always a great rush of students seeking admission to these institutions. The management is highly interactive and receptive to suggestions provided by parents, students, alumni and academic peers. That is why, this college in particular, and all the other D.A.V. Institutions under this Management in general, occupy a place of pride in the society.

Dr. Anoop Kumar - DAV College of Education, Hoshiarpur

Dr. Anoop Kumar

Prof. R.M. Bhalla - DAV College of Education, Hoshiarpur

Prof. R.M. Bhalla

Vice President
Er. Rahul Sharma - DAV College of Education, Hoshiarpur

Er. Rahul Sharma

Vice President
Sh. D.L. Anand - DAV College of Education, Hoshiarpur

Sh. D.L. Anand