Language Lab & Resource Material

We deal with teaching profession where Language plays an important and unavoidable role. There is requirement of taking into consideration all the four skills in any language i.e. listening, reading, speaking as well as writing in our training part for developing a good communication skill. So, for this particular purpose, we have established a language lab under ICT Resource Centre which is set up by ‘OREL’. There is facility provided for the future teachers in the time table so that they can come to have practical usage of developing communication skills by developing their reception as well as expression part with the help of this particular software under the expert guidance of our language as well as ICT in-charge. Students practice their lessons through communicating with each other or with the teacher one to one through the usage of this software. They can learn in a better way and correct themselves through self study without any shyness or humiliation. Any language can be mastered only through habit formation and this habit is inculcated through this software. Except this, internet facility is provided to every desktop and even it is accessible through WI-FI connection. It became very easy for everyone including students as well as faculty members to find any information i.e. correct spellings, meaning of some difficult words as well as the correct usage by following the usable sites such as google or youtube. As far as the practical part is concerned, our trainees go for internship programme in various schools where they learn to teach students in real school environment. To make their teaching learning process more effective, they are taught to prepare various types of lesson plans which further have variety of formats. For all subjects they are to prepare micro, macro, ICT based, test based, teaching model based lesson plans but besides all this, in languages they are to learn about lesson plans for grammar, prose (intensive reading), poetry, compositions which further involves letter/ application writing, paragraph as well as story writing). After learning to prepare lesson plans they are practiced through simulated teaching in which they learn how to deliver a lesson in the class room. For making their teaching more interesting and intelligible, it is stressed to involve more senses in the process which requires the preparation of various styles of instructional materials that includes charts, models which can be 2- dimensional, 3- dimensional or flash cards, flip cards, language games, power point presentations or concrete materials. To have more creative ideas to prepare those instructional materials, YouTube and other educational sites proved to be very useful during their training part and also in their life time utility. Teaching Training Programme includes the usage of best words in a specific order to make an effective teaching learning process to avoid misinterpretation and clear understanding of the concepts. This training is incomplete without mastery over the communication skill which is further not accessible without the mastery over any language. So, it becomes the responsibility of language teachers to provide best available resources. Besides human resources, in material resources we provide them a well established language lab and internet facility on all the desktops through WI-FI set up. Besides this, various language games, teaching through interactive boards, power point presentations, working models including puppet shows, shadow art, still 3-D or 2-D Models, Flash Cards, Flip Cards, Charts, flannel boards besides effective usage of blackboards and concrete objects. Real life situations and dramatization, role play also proves useful.