"The library is the temple of learning and learning has liberated more peoples than all the wars in history."
Carl T. Rowan

Library - An Introduction

The College has an excellent Library housed in a Commodious, Modern and Air-Conditioned hall. The library is equipped with a large number of books on Education in particular and, on general subjects like General Knowledge, UGC, Competitive books and Fiction(English, Hindi, Punjabi) etc. The library has very rich collection of Rare books, Reference Books and Encyclopedias on educational research and many more, etc. Library is automated through the software CDS/ISIS and it is in the process of automation through the software SOUL. Online Public Access Catalogue allows searching of books, dissertations and other library documents. One can search the Bibliographic record of books and other documents available in the library.

Our College Library serves as a portal from where the students and faculty can access a vast amount of reading material for their education & all round development. Online Access to e- books and e-journals is provided through N-LIST programme. As such the library reading room provides excellent atmosphere to students and teacher educators to update their knowledge in various fields.

Regular Features of Library

  • Reader’s orientation program for fresh entrants.
  • Computerized Bibliographic Services.
  • List of new additions.
  • Newspapers clippings for college activities
  • Internet facility for Online search & browsing
  • Online Periodicals/ journals along with archive
  • Awareness about e-Resources available through N-list program
  • User Education and Information Literacy programs from time to time
  • Inter Library Loan service.

Library Code of Conduct

  • To keep silence & discipline in the library is the key requirement of library.
  • Using the library and borrowing books from it, is a privilege given to its members. Any misuse of this or violation of any rules may lead to the cancellation of this privilege.
  • The use of mobiles in library is not allowed. These can only be used for accessing educational e-resources after seeking permission from Principal.
  • Marking of books, tearing of pages and non renewal of books may deprive a member of his /her privilege.
  • Users can use INTERNET facility for browsing and research in library.
  • Students and Teacher Educators may recommend the purchase of new books and journals for the library.