Placement Cell

The Placement cell is an integral and the utmost important part of the college activities. The competition for employability increases day by day. For this D.A.V. College of Education provides assistance to every child to acquire employability skills, plan and manages their careers for their personal growth and also to contribute to the society at large. The main responsibility of this cell is to place the right candidate at the right Institute. The cell not only identifies the qualities, preferences, talents and traits of the student teacher but also it helps the students to enhance their soft skills, grooms and prepares the students for interviews and demo lessons.


  • To gather information about the vacancies in different schools.
  • To provide information to the students about job opportunities.
  • To help and encourage students progress by giving feedback about their weaknesses, strengths.
  • To arrange seminars, workshops and skill development programs.
  • To help the students in preparation of various competitive exams such as N.E.T., T.E.T. etc.
  • Guiding students in preparing CV’s.
  • To maintain the records of student teacher’s placement done in previous years.
  • To prepare the students for interviews.