Facilities Provided

Wi-Fi Campus

Access to computers and the internet has become a basic need for education in our society. The internet is modifying society and shaping the future. Computers in the class rooms are the film strips of the 1990's.

Interlinked Rooms

Admin Office, Faculty Room, Principal Office, Bursar Room, Cafeteria Managing Committee Office, Computer Lab, Main Gate and Principal, D.A.V Senior Secondary School are interlinked through inter-com to facilitate the interaction between different departments and save valuable time.

Bank and ATM Facility

Banking is an integral part of any economic system. When we talk of providing banking facilities to our students, we lay stress on the same subject from a different point of view. Popularization of banking habit among students would be immensely useful. Moreover the students taking admission in professional colleges come from far-away places and it is not safe for them to keep money with them all the time. The Governing body is therefore, making all possible attempts to provide banking facilities to young students. College has adjoining branch of Indian Bank and 24 hours ATM facility.

Play Ground

Well developed play fields for major outdoor games & sports are provided in our college. To support the broad learning outcomes, play spaces include areas for active, free, quiet, social, imaginative, creative, exploratory and natural play. By inviting our students to use their own initiative, explore possibilities and take chances, we provide them with opportunities to learn and relax. The college campus is beautified with three lawns where one can feel in touch with nature.

Spacious Area for Parking

A neat and tidy parking area speaks volumes about the quality of the institution. Separate parking areas in the college territory are available for committee members, faculty and students including car parking area as well.

Safe Drinking Water Facility

Water is a fundamental human need. Safe drinking water keeps us away from many diseases. Keeping in view the significance of water in our life, Reverse Osmosis (RO) system is also installed in the College Campus to cater the needs of the Safe Drinking Water of all the Faculty Members, Supporting Staff, Teacher Trainees, and the Visitors.

Power House

The College has two Generators, one is of 35KV and second is of 25 KV which enables our campus to have non-stop power supply so that teaching-learning and functioning of the College may not interrupt.